Pentest Reporting: "More time to Pwn less time to Doc"

Pentest Reporting: "More time to Pwn less time to Doc"

The writing of pentest reports can be time-consuming when done manually, and while I am sure we can all agree that this is the least fun part of pentesting, it is an essential part of the pentest to deliver a high-quality report for both a technical and a non-technical audience. Pentest report generators such as PwnDoc help the reporting process to be less painful.

PwnDoc is a pentest report generator tool that helps Pentesters write reports faster and easier. To make reporting faster you need to have a comprehensive database of vulnerabilities added to the tool with descriptions, remediations etc. Once you have this in place it is a matter of writing the executive summary, explaining the vulnerability and adding the screenshots.

The tool comes with a template which is not the nicest you can have but editing the template to your liking is very easy and can be done from the base template. There is a bit of work at the beginning to build the database and to make the report look the way you want it, but you will benefit from it later.

The main features of the tool are:

  • Multiple Language support

  • Multiple Data support

  • Great Customization

  • Manage reusable Audit and Vulnerability Data

  • Create Custom Sections

  • Add custom fields to Vulnerabilities

  • Vulnerabilities Management

  • Multi-User reporting

  • Docx Report Generation

  • Docx Template customization

Docker makes it easy to install the tool, which runs three containers, the frontend, the backend, and the database. The installation guide along with other documentation can be found here.

I have used other reporting tools like PeTeReport and Ghostwriter. These tools could do pretty much the same with a few more functionalities but for what I was looking for, PwnDoc was the most suitable option. I recommend trying these tools to see what they can offer and choosing the most appropriate one for your needs. PwnDoc proved to be easy to use and it is what it claims to be, a pentest reporting tool.

If you're not using a tool to generate reports, I recommend trying PwnDoc. Hope you have enjoyed this short introduction to the tool. Stay curious and see you next time.