The Bug Hunter's Methodology Live Course Review

The Bug Hunter's Methodology Live Course Review

I’ve recently completed Jason Haddix’s two-day live course and wanted to share my insights and address any questions you might have. Before diving in, you can find the course here. Additionally, if you’d like a glimpse into the incredible Discord community, feel free to join the server here.

What is it?

I’ll begin by clarifying what this course IS NOT. It isn’t your usual Zero to Hero course, covering topics that courses usually cover. The course is a two-day live course over Discord, focusing on three primary areas: Reconnaissance, Application Analysis, and Red Team Analysis. Essentially, it’s a comprehensive sharing of Jason Haddix’s accumulated knowledge over the years, incorporating the latest techniques and tools.

This being a live course the most asked question is: “Will the course be recorded?”. Indeed, the course sessions are recorded, and you’ll receive these recordings a few days later. Additionally, you’ll have access to the slides for each day beforehand. If you’re unable to attend both days or stay for the entire duration, you’ll still have the recordings to review. However, I highly encourage joining the live sessions because the discussions and insights shared by other members truly add value and depth to the experience. Additionally, after the completion of the course, you will get a Certificate to show off on social media 😜

The course offers two separate dates — one date for people in the EU and another for those in the USA. There are two big benefits to buying the course:

  • If you’ve enrolled in the course, you have the flexibility to join both dates at no additional cost.

  • Access to other upcoming courses without paying the full price. Alumni from previous sessions will have the opportunity to join upcoming sessions for just $65 and you will get access to newly added material.

Who is it for?

I believe this course is suitable for individuals across all levels of expertise, from beginners to seasoned professionals. It’s important not to be misled by the title — it’s not solely focused on bug hunting. The skills acquired here extend beyond that, applicable to everyday red teaming and penetration testing. There’s something new for everyone to learn, and I’m confident in saying that even small to medium-sized companies could greatly benefit from it If they’re interested in managing their External Attack Surface without spending tens of thousands on a fancy tool, this course offers solutions that are absolutely FREE.

What others say?

There's little to add here; I'll allow the community's feedback to speak for itself.

What I say

While I was already familiar with some of the content, I learned new techniques, tips, tricks, and tools. The community through the live chat — a truly remarkable group of individuals, willing to help out and share knowledge. Additionally, Jason’s storytelling sessions were a personal highlight for me. I was aware that some of the tool creators were part of the Discord server, but I wasn’t expecting that they would join the session and share insights and tips on optimizing the efficiency of their tools. I will definitely join the upcoming sessions as with each session there will be newly added content.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, I've addressed some of your questions. Remember to join the Discord server and follow Jason on X (Twitter) here. Stay curious and see you next time.